High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness
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High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness™ is a practical system developed by nationally recognized fitness expert and author, Mike Stefano. The program is based on old-school Soviet kettlebell sport technique, with a scientific American spin on program design, integration, and progression. Kettlebells demand efficient, powerful movement patterns, recruiting large amounts of muscle, while burning hundreds of calories; super efficiency!

Burn fat, build muscle, build high levels of strength and endurance, with one simple tool - the kettlebell. Also learn how to integrate kettlebell lifting into any other type of fitness experience, HIKF and Mike Stefano will show you how it's done - a must-have certification for client retention.

Now you can become a certified HIKF™ trainer via this comprehensive, American Council on Exercise approved, online kettlebell course. Learn online at a big savings to you.

HIKF™ e-Book Course Manual
Video InstructionEasy-To-Follow Video Instruction
Advanced TechniqueSovietStyle Advanced Technique
Copyrighted Kettlebell Protocols
Program Design Program Design & Progression
Final Written ExamFinal Written Exam (web-based)
ACE/HIKF Course Certification ACE/HIKF Course Certification
1.0 Continuing Education Credit1.0 Continuing Education Credit


The online course will provide you with 24-hour-a-day access to comprehensive course materials, including an official copy of the HIKF Instructor's Manual (videos included). You can watch and rewatch your lessons, on your schedule. You also save money over the live course ($129 vs. $299), as well as on costly travel expenses. Learn proper form and proficient technique at your own pace, while you earn the official ACE certificate of completion, as well as 1.0 CEC's. ACE approval and Mike's 25 years in the fitness industry (as both a trainer and author) assure you of a truly quality resource. Once you complete the purchase process, you'll receive an email within hours, providing you with EVERYTHING you need to get started.
Keys to Success
High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness SWINGSWING - Tone, sculpt lower body, power, weight loss

Muscle ToneCLEAN - Develop pulling power, posterior chain, balance, core strenth

PRESSPRESS - Build raw strength, sculpt and tone core, upper body

PUSH PRESSPUSH PRESS - Learn how to connect to powerful core and lower body

JERKJERK - Build true speed, explosive power, timing, and athleticism

SNATCHSNATCH - Burn over 21 calories per minute, superior pulling power

HALF SNATCHHALF SNATCH - Easier on the hands, still super high caloric burn

LONG CYCLELONG CYCLE - King of full body exercises, works you from head to toe

*Also learn to integrate kettlebell training into traditional cardio and resistance work

HIKF™ Kettlebell Instructor Course
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"Mike's program allowed me to master technique and experience big results almost right away. I recommend the HIKF online course to people new to kettlebells, as well as experienced lifters and trainers. Coach Stefano makes it easy!" - Thomas H.

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